TAE Aerospace has a long and proud history in aviation. Our heritage in aircraft operation dates back to the 1960s when Rossair and Masling Airlines first started flying. Today, their high-quality maintenance arms are part of TAE Aerospace.

TAE Aerospace commenced operation in the year 2000 when we were known as Tasman Aviation Enterprises, having won a major F-111 aircraft maintenance contract for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Since then, we have grown from 6 to 200 employees across a wide range of services and activities.

Our fast but well-managed growth is the result of both organic expansion and targeted acquisition.

In March 2015, TAE Aerospace became 100% Australian owned after a Management Buyout from Air New Zealand. We are now the largest Australian-owned aerospace company with the broadest range of aerospace products and services.

In June 2017, we changed our company name from TAE to TAE Aerospace to better reflect our core business and expanding range of aerospace products, services and technologies.