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Apprenticeships Queensland – Apprentice of the Year 2016

Henry Kane is one of TAE Aerospace’s Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.

Henry has had a passion for aircraft for as long as he can remember. He recalls his interest in aircraft engines being born from many conversations with his uncle, who is a Marine Engineer.

After completing Year 12 at Clairvaux Mackillop College in 2013, Henry commenced his studies for his chosen career path as an Aircraft Technician. Ten months after commencing his Certificate IV in Aeronautical Mechanical in February 2014 with TAE Aerospace, he applied and was successful in obtaining an apprenticeship with TAE Aerospace.

Henry was nominated as an entrant in the Queensland Apprenticeship 2016 Awards by his management team at TAE Aerospace for his adaptability, conscientious attitude and ability to integrate across various internal work centres from the Super Hornet Test Cell to Module Disassembly and Assembly. In addition to working with the F404 and F414 engines, Henry also works in other business lines within TAE Aerospace such as the Abrams Tank Engine (AGT1500) and Wheels and Brakes. Henry has refined his inspection and maintenance techniques to diagnose, identify and rectify anomalies that would be considered complex.

Almost 50 Apprentices attended the awards ceremony as finalists and Henry was named the winner of his category – “Junior Engineering”, prior to being announced as “Apprenticeships Queensland – Apprentice of the Year 2016”.

Outside of TAE Aerospace Henry enjoys playing social Basketball, Soccer and Rugby.

Congratulations Henry.