Avionics, Radio and Electrical


TAE Aerospace delivers high-quality MRO services for aircraft avionics, radio and electrical components, including repairs to board level. The combination of highly-skilled engineers and advanced facilities allows us to deliver competitively priced services with efficient turn times.  Our current brochure is available here: 111401_TAE_A4_Avionics_Digital

As well as being CASA approved for avionics services, TAE Aerospace is also an EASA and FAA-certified repair station for Single Red Line (SRL) Computers for various aircraft and Electronic Engine Computers (EEC) for the Cessna 441 Conquest.

We offer extensive repair and overhaul capability for:

  • air data computers
  • autopilot
  • caution & Warning Systems
  • electronic Indicators
  • gyroscopic Instruments
  • pitot-static systems
  • compass systems
  • stall warning systems


Our extensive repair and overhaul capability covers:

  • analogue and digital audio systems
  • analogue and Digital HF, UHF and VHF communications
  • antennae
  • auto direction finder equipment
  • in-flight entertainment
  • radio altimeters
  • distance measuring equipment
  • ILS equipment
  • satellite navigation equipment
  • weather radars


Our extensive repair and overhaul capability covers:

  • alternators and generators
  • electric motors, actuators and pumps
  • electric power control and distribution
  • electro-mechanical components
  • ice and rain protection systems
  • lighting systems
  • batteries – Lead acid and Ni-cad
  • starter generators
  • tacho-generators
  • aircraft rewiring