TAE Aerospace


Larry Lowry

TAE Aerospace Vice President of US Operations, Larry Lowry, has gained extensive technical and managerial experience during his 30+ years in the aerospace industry. He started his career as a research and development engineer at Aeronca Aerospace in Middletown, Ohio, while completing his studies in aerospace engineering.

Prior to joining us at TAE Aerospace, Larry served as Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, National Flight Services in Toledo, Ohio. In 2018, he started the US-registered business entity TAE Aerospace Inc (a Delaware Corp) for TAE Aerospace.

In his current VP position, Larry is responsible for overseeing the US acquisition process and integration with TAE Aerospace Inc. He manages operations in US acquisitions including turbine engine component maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities in Texas, Missouri and Arizona and engine maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities in Arizona, Idaho and Alaska.

Larry holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering.

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