Working at TAE Aerospace

Our vision is to be recognised for setting the highest standards of quality, safety and innovation in Australia’s aerospace industry. To achieve this vision we must be united, with exceptional people that feel valued and inspired. TAE Aerospace recognises that business success is built on the depth of knowledge, capability and commitment from its people and a culture that drives engagement.  We aim for people to have careers with TAE Aerospace, not just a job.

Our culture is built around ‘What sets us apart’ – safety, people, customers and community. These values, coupled with our leadership behaviours lift us above the competition and help us to be remarkable.

Safety – Looking after our mates

Looking after our mates is important to everyone at TAE Aerospace, through our ‘You First’ Safe Behaviours Program we have established a healthy work environment where people can achieve and deliver their best making work-life rewarding, enjoyable and fun. We offer our people and their family workplace wellbeing initiatives that promote safe, healthy and active lifestyles.

While safety is critical for our people, it is also the highest priority for our customers. We must deliver a safe product and that means going beyond just meeting regulations. Going the extra mile with safety, in all its forms, is a key part of being remarkable.

People – One great team

We achieve success through teamwork, communication and trust. People are our single greatest asset, that’s why we’re committed to attracting and retaining the right talent. As individuals, TAE Aerospace has some of the most skilled and experienced people in the industry; however, the collaborative use of our talent is ‘What Sets Us Apart’.

Customers – Customers come first

We want to ‘wow’ our customers with everything we do. Our heritage in aircraft operations means we understand the aviation industry and build strong relationships with our customers both internal and external.

Community – keen to help

TAE Aerospace values corporate social responsibility and participates in many community events, charity fundraising activities, and environmental initiatives. We give back to the community through the support of many charities that provide ongoing help to various worthwhile causes across Australia and Internationally.

Learning & Development

TAE Aerospace is dedicated to the development of a highly skilled and talented workforce, our learning and development program uses a variety of avenues to ensure talent is grown internally. Employees are developed with the skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes to meet current and future job requirements and to perform at a high level.

Rewards & Recognition

Rewards and recognition is an important part of our culture that values individual or team accomplishments. We celebrate our successes and recognise outstanding contributions through a variety of awards and acknowledgements. We also maintain short term incentives and salary packaging options.

Diversity and Inclusion

TAE Aerospace is committed to treating all employees and potential employees fairly. TAE Aerospace’s aim to create an inclusive culture that promotes the skills and capabilities of all people, one where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. As a fundamental part of our culture and values, diversity and inclusion in the TAE Aerospace business enhances our effectiveness, collaboration and our ability to deliver. We leverage the unique contributions of employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

By working together, looking after our mates, developing our people and displaying a strong sense of community, we truly set ourselves apart from the rest and keep our customers flying and can keep you flying in your career!