Woodward Fuel Controls & Governors

Woodward TPE331 Fuel Control and Propeller Governor Services

TAE Aerospace’s facilities in Adelaide, South Australia and Kansas City, Missouri are Woodward and Honeywell approved and the only Honeywell Authorized Repair/Overhaul Facilities for the TPE331 Fuel Control Assemblies and Propeller Governor Assemblies


To ensure coverage and quality for all worldwide customers, TAE Aerospace delivers this global TPE331 engine service from two key locations, which are at the choice of our customer.  In the Asia-Pacific region, TAE Aerospace’s Adelaide Airport Facility in South Australia has been completely refurbished and provides full Woodward component coverage alongside the Asia-Pacific’s only TPE331 Engine Overhaul level Authorized Service Centre.  For the US and for Europe, TAE Aerospace’s Kansas City, MO facility (formerly Propulsion Controls Company – PCC) has full coverage for TPE331 fuel controls and governors with an enviable reputation as the best in the business.  Operators or Service Centers can elect to ship to either facility.


Each facility can provide the following maintenance services on the fuel control and governor parts listed below:

  • Overhaul, Modification, Repair, Recalibration and Bench Testing
  • Overhaul Exchange Units
  • Propeller Governor Overhaul and Repair
Fuel Controls

Woodward Inc Part No 8070-XXXX – with an equivalent Honeywell Part No of 869199-X, 893561-X, 897110-X, 897375-X, 897770-X, 897780-X, 897799-X and 8978XX-X

Propeller Governors

Woodward Inc Part No 8210-XXX and 210XXX – with an equivalent Honeywell Part No of 863615-XX, 893651-XX, 895286-XX, 895490-XX, 897410-XX, 897160-XX and 897751-XX

Contact Details

The contact details and addresses for each facility to obtain quotes or pricing for these services are:

TAE Aerospace – Australia

2 Kel Barclay Avenue
Adelaide Airport, SA, 5950 AUSTRALIA

TAE Aerospace Contact:  Scott Pitts
Phone: +618 8150-0200
Fax: +618 8150-0270

 TAE Aerospace – USA (previously Propulsion Controls Company)

10737 NW Ambassador Drive
Kansas City, Missouri 64153 UNITED STATES

TAE Aerospace Contact: Cheryl Hawkins
Phone: (816) 891-9093
Fax:  (816) 891-8594

Alternatively, please visit our contact page and we will respond to your enquiry.


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