Delivering turn-key engine solutions

Since 2014, we have delivered a turn-key MRO&U solution for Army’s Main Battle Tank engine that includes: engine and component MRO&U, design engineering work, configuration and reliability management, condition monitoring services, and an OEM correlated test cell facility designed and built by our engineers.

Our relationship with the Australian Army was established based on the quality of our fast jet engine maintenance work. The AGT1500 engine that powers the Abrams Main Battle tank spins at 3000RPM at the output shaft and technicians need similar hand skills to maintain both engine types.  With our 145 technical employees each having an average of 15 years’ experience in gas turbine engine maintenance and engineering support, we were readily able to transfer existing skills from air to land-based systems. Initially winning minor repair work on the AGT1500, our relationship with Army has grown to encompass total logistics support for the engine.

Our cost effective, turn-key gas turbine support solutions offer our customers several key benefits:

    • Low Risk. Our expertise, OEM relationships and industry leading experience in supporting complex gas turbine systems enables the delivery of quality assured services that have demonstrably improved engine performance for our customers.
    • Improved efficiency. Using a single support services provider for your gas turbine needs improves maintenance down time.
    • Lower life cycle costs. Choosing a single support services provider for your gas turbine needs reduces management and operating costs.

The spirit of close collaboration between TAE Aerospace and Army was recognised at the Essington Lewis Awards last year, where we won the Minor Sustainment category for the Land 907-1 Tank Replacement Project – AGT1500 engines.