Engine Component Repairs

Military Aerospace Machining and Repair Shop

Our Military aerospace engine component repair capability in Australia means we can repair almost any engine component we need in-house, or arrange for repairs from our AS9100D qualified vendors.  This includes repair capabilities needed for sub-assemblies, gas-generators, rotors, stators, frames, combustors, afterburners and gearboxes, such as:

  • cleaning
  • non-destructive testing
  • coordinate measuring
  • inspection
  • balancing
  • metallizing/plasma spray
  • automated shot-peening
  • heat treatment
  • aerospace welding
  • precision machining and grinding
  • vacuum brazing
  • re-manufacture and restoration
  • plating
  • painting
  • support equipment design and manufacture


TPE331 Engine Aerospace Machining and Repair ShopHoneywell ASC

Our Aerospace Machining Center in Scottsdale, AZ is a Honeywell Authorized Component Repair and Overhaul Center with capability to support an unsurpassed menu of TPE331 refurbishment activities all authorized under Honeywell APIL41.

  • DER-Authorized Gearbox, Diaphragm, Nosecone Accessory Housings, Corrosion & Crack Repairs
  • DER-Authorized Gearbox, Diaphragm, Nosecone, Part Number Modifications
  • TPE331-1 thru -14 Engine – IRM Overhaul Manual Inspections & Repair
  • TPE331-1 thru -12 Engine – Balance & Hand Finish on all Wheels & Impellers
  • Ability to develop DER Repairs

To provide maximum value to our customers, our Aerospace Machining Center’s ever-expanding capabilities continually enhance the scope of our parts repair and restoration programs.

  • Airframe DER Machining
  • Airframe Exhaust & Tailpipe Repairs
  • Balance
  • Bearing Inspection
  • CNC Machining
  • Corrosion Treat
  • Fabrication to Customer Blueprint
  • Flame & Plasma Spray
  • Flow Test
  • Hand Finish
  • Involute Inspection
  • OD/ID Grinding
  • Penetrant & Magnetic Inspection
  • Plating Repairs
  • Pressure Test
  • Total Engine Hardware Inspection
  • Weld Repair & Fabrication

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