Technical Training

Our facility in Scottsdale Arizona provides TPE331 Line Maintenance and Pilot Familiarization Training to pilots and mechanics in classroom and hangar settings, from the Bahamas to Columbia, Canada to the Philippines.  We can also tailor our courses to be delivered in your location.

All courses are FAA-certified and accepted for application toward your Inspection Authorization (IA) renewal training.

Our current training schedule is available here.  To access our services, please visit our Contacts page for the right connection.

General Classes

  • Pilot Familiarization (16 Hours)
  • TPE331 Familiarization (24 Hours)
  • TPE331 Line Maintenance (56 Hours)
  • TPE331 Line Maintenance – Strain Gage Specific (40 Hours)
  • TPE331 Line Maintenance – Hydraulic Torque Specific (40 Hours)

Airframe/Engine Specific

  • Beechcraft B100 (-6/-10AV)
  • Piper Cheyenne (-14A/B)
  • Jetstream 32 (-12UAR/UHR)
  • Jetstream 41 (-14GR/HR)
  • Gulfstream Commander (-5/-10T)
  • Fairchild Metro III (-11U)
  • Fairchild Merlin IIIB/IIIC (-10U)
  • Grumman AgCat (-1/-2)
  • Ayres AT802 Conversion (-14GR)
  • Texas Turbines Otter Conversion (-10R)
  • Texas Turbines Otter Conversion (-12JR)
  • Texas Turbines Caravan 208 Conversion (-12JR)
  • CASA 212-200 (-10R)
  • Cessna Conquest (-8/10N)
  • Shorts Skyvan (-2)
  • Mitsubishi MU2J/K/L/M (-6)
  • Dornier 228 (-5)
  • Marsh Aviation S2E/F (-14GR)

Speciality Seminars

  • TPE331 Rigging
  • Single Red Line (SRL) Troubleshooting
  • Torque System Troubleshooting
  • Lebow Run
  • -14GR/HR Rotation Conversion
  • Hot Section Inspection (HSI)
  • -14 Troubleshooting using Hand Held Tester (HHT)