Aluminium Vacuum Brazing

Aluminium Vacuum Brazing (AVB) is a leading edge manufacturing process for fusing aluminium components together, which results in lightweight, high-strength, reliable end products that can be used for liquid cooled enclosures for aircraft and radars to F1 race-cars.

We have received several awards for the development of this innovative technology which we use to supply liquid-cooled components and enclosures for the new F35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

Aluminium Vacuum Brazing delivers:

  • superior high pressure, leak–tight joints enabling integral liquid flow and electromagnetic interference reduction
  • reduced weight when compared to traditionally manufactured components
  • lower component costs through reduced part counts and assembly labour
  • excellent electrical and thermal conductivity compared with an adhesive bonded or mechanically attached assembly.

While the capability was developed in support of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) applications, the process has a much wider application for components such as:

  • cooled electronic/avionics enclosures including liquid-cooled chassis
  • cold plates
  • heat exchangers
  • waveguides
  • radar assemblies

TAE Aerospace can provide either a raw material or a fully completed component solution. This includes not only the brazing process but also the associated steps such as precision machining, heat treatment, conversion coating, painting, component assembly and any required proof pressure testing and/or flow testing. The entire process can be completed in-house to your specific requirements.  In addition to manufacturing, TAE Aerospace also has the capability to assist in the design and prototyping of components utilising this process.

To complement the Aluminium Vacuum Brazing, we can also offer a range of other specialist aerospace manufacturing capabilities under our AS9100 Rev D approval, including:

  • computer controlled automatic shot peening
  • heat treatment including Titanium Heat Treatment
  • component painting
  • non-destructive testing
  • extensive aerospace welding capability including high strength super alloys and Titanium components.

All manufacturing activities are supported by a dedicated Project Management and Engineering team.