Engine Test Cells

TAE Aerospace specialises in designing, installing and maintaining gas-turbine engine test cells for turbofan, turboprop and turboshaft engines.  We can provide demonstrated evidence to design your new state-of-the-art engine test facility or upgrade your existing facility, from the F414 fighter engine to the AGT1500 turboshaft.

Our services include:

  • Development of original specifications with the customer
  • Detailed design of the solution covering controls, data acquisition and analysis
  • Control cabin, thrust frame and engine adaptor installations
  • Fuel storage and supply tanker
  • Safety systems
  • Personnel communication system
  • Engine and facility control software
  • Post installation verification
  • Full operating publications
  • Training solutions

Our engineering team has a long history of experience with engine test cells and has designed and installed Australasia’s only dual redundant F404/F414 gas turbine engine test cell in two locations for pre and post maintenance testing.  This test cell project was awarded an Industry Team of the Year – Outstanding Achievement Award in the Rapid Acquisition Category by the Australian Defence Force in 2010.