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We are a global aerospace company proudly serving Commercial and Defense customers worldwide.

Our extensive suite of regulatory approvals and strong OEM partnerships are backed by a technical workforce with a passion for service and the expertise to deliver.

With friendly teams in 11 locations worldwide, we’re ready to solve your challenges and provide you with an exceptional customer experience.

Find out more about how we keep you flying across our Commercial and Defense capabilities.

Commercial Capabilites

Fixed Wing

Partner with the world’s largest TPE331 engine service provider for quality maintenance, repairs and training across engines, LRU components, fuel controls and engine component machining. Our expertise also covers the PT6A and H80 engines, airline wheels and brakes, and fire protection and rescue systems.

Rotary Wing

When you choose us for Honeywell authorized FCU and PTG repair and overhaul services, you get the highest industry standards and peace of mind. We’ve worked on the M250, LTS101 and PT6T engines for more than 30 years as a dual AWARS and triple licensee for fuel systems.

Defense Capabilites

Air Platforms

Support your military gas-turbine engine with our world-leading repair, overhaul and test capability services for F404/F414 , TPE331 and F135 engines. Our aerospace engine services help defence forces to reduce asset maintenance costs and increase time-on-wing.

Photo: U.S. Department of Defense.

Land Platforms

You can rely on our proven repair, overhaul and test services for AGT1500 engines and components, along with our innovative HUMS solution. We’ve delivered engine solutions for the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank since 2014 and we also provide fire protection services for military ground vehicles.

"Air 1st Aviation and its affiliated companies operate nine (9) Mitsubishi MU2 twin engine turbo props for the United States Air Force contract. We have held a 100% mission success rate for the entire 21-year contract period. We believe that this milestone has been achieved and maintained with the unwavering support and dedication of the management and staff in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am excited to continue working with them, now as part of TAE Aerospace, in support of our government contract. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend their professionalism and services to anyone."

Michael S. Laver

President, Air 1st Aviation Companies, Inc.; Air 1st Inc.; Carolina Turbine Support, Inc., USA

"TAE Aerospace has set the standard for customer service, efficiency of parts supply and AOG support, constantly going above and beyond to surpass our expectations. Their knowledge, experience and expertise are second-to-none and they deliver a result on every occasion. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Ryan Roche

General Manager Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Aus), Experience Co, Australia

"Katie and her team in Midvale have taken excellent care of my TPE331. Having ag backgrounds themselves, they fully understand that in ag aviation, we don’t make our living sitting on the ground."

George Parker

Crop Jet Aviation, USA

"I have been dealing with companies similar to TAE Aerospace for a long time. Never have I come across one that's as easy to deal with, and that knows what they are doing, as much as the TAE Aerospace team. I give them 10 out of 10 for service and understanding our needs."

Dave Porter

Chief Engineer, Seair, Australia

"We rate TAE Aerospace very highly for technical excellence."

Paul Bayly

F404/F414 Program Manager, GE Aviation, Australia

"We are excited to partner with TAE Aerospace on the F135 engine program. We have always been very impressed by their engineering and maintenance capabilities."

Kevin Kirkpatrick

Vice President Military Engine Sustainment Operations, Pratt & Whitney, USA

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Australia’s F135 Engine Depot Achieves Initial Depot Capability (IDC)

TAE Aerospace announced today it has successfully achieved all Initial Depot Capability (IDC) requirements for the repair and overhaul of the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine, which powers all three variants of the 5th Generation F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft. With this achievement, TAE Aerospace’s F135 Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul &...

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