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Machining & Repair

Save money by repairing and refurbishing engine and aircraft parts.

Our aerospace machining facility in Scottsdale, Arizona is a Honeywell Authorized Component Repair and Overhaul Center. With our extensive service range, advanced facilities and experienced team, we can repair and refurbish parts and components to ‘as new’ condition.

Our component repair services authorized under Honeywell APIL41:

  • DER-authorized gearbox, diaphragm, nosecone accessory, housings, corrosion and crack repairs and part number modifications
  • TPE331 -1 through to -14 engine IRM Overhaul Manual inspections and repair
  • TPE331 -1 through to -12 engine balance and hand finish on all wheels and impellers
  • Ability to develop new DER repairs

The services of our Aerospace Machining Center allow you to derive maximum life and value from your existing parts and components.

Our capabilities are continually expanding to support the scope of our parts repair and restoration programs. We currently provide:

  • Balance
  • Bearing inspection
  • CNC machining
  • Corrosion treat
  • Flame and plasma spray
  • Flow test
  • Hand finish
  • Involute inspection
  • OD/ID grinding
  • Penetrant and magnetic inspection
  • Plating repairs
  • Pressure test
  • Total engine hardware inspection
  • Weld repair and fabrication

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