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Health & Usage Monitoring

Let us look after the health of your engines.

Monitoring the health of your engines to protect from potential damage is crucial to keep your aircraft safe, your maintenance efforts efficient and your operational costs low.

We offer you a health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) that leads the world in affordable Engine Condition Trend Monitor (ECTM) technology. Our system supports the health of your engine by providing timely and accurate data to enhance your safety, efficiency and performance.

Data Acquisition Alarm Monitor System (DAAM®)

In 2012 Perkins Technologies and their world-leading Data Acquisition Alarm Monitor (DAAM®) system became part of the TAE Aerospace team.

The DAAM System helps you easily and accurately record trend data to ensure you’re keeping on top of the health of your engine. It was developed in Australia and is now found in fixed-wing and rotary aircraft around the world.

Other benefits of the DAAM system include:

  • Easily monitor engine usage
  • Record trends, exceedances, hot starts and other potentially damaging events that standard instrumentation doesn’t detect
  • Reliable and tamper resistant
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Continuously monitors up to 13 engine and airframe parameters, recording usage and performance data.

Using the DAAM system, we can package a HUMS solution to suit a wide range of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.  We can provide custom installations of our general-purpose systems.  We also manufacture a wide range of sensors and calibration tools, specifically for the aviation market.  

Download a spec sheet about the DAAM® system to learn more.

For full information on the DAAM® system visit www.perkinstechnologies.com.au

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