Applicant Privacy Policy

TAE Aerospace respects the privacy of applicants and employees, and is committed to complying with applicable privacy laws. This applicant privacy policy is intended to inform you about how the personal information you submit as a job applicant will be handled and protected by TAE Aerospace .

TAE Aerospace collects and uses your personal information for the purpose of determining your qualifications for employment and reaching a hiring decision. Relevant portions of your personal information, if you are hired, will also be used to establish a basic employment record. We do not collect or use the personal information you submit as a job applicant for unrelated purposes.

Most of the personal information TAE Aerospace collects about you is collected directly from your application or resume, and stored in a secure location. We may also collect information about you from third parties, in order to: (a) verify information about your credentials, such as education and prior employment, (b) follow-up on references that you may provide, and (c) conduct background checks. It is TAE Aerospace’s policy to collect such information from third parties only with your knowledge and agreement.

Access to your information will be restricted to those TAE Aerospace employees who have a need to know the specific information in question in order to carry out their responsibilities with regard to recruitment.  TAE Aerospace retains your personal information as long as it necessary for evaluation for employment, as well as to comply with applicable laws relating to the evaluation of those seeking employment. After this time, your information is deleted.

TAE Aerospace may contact you, using the contact information you have provided, for purposes of responding to your application for a particular position.

Information you provide will be used based upon your consent to the provision of this policy.

If you have questions or concerns about TAE Aerospace’s privacy policy and practices for handling applicant personal information received through this website, you may contact TAE Aerospace at