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Specialised Engineering

Our propulsion engineering team tailors an extensive range of professional engineering services to improve your engine performance.

  • Design and modification development
  • Technical investigations and advisory services
  • Defect management
  • Reliability and performance management
  • Material substitutions
  • System safety management
  • Engineered asset management
  • Condition monitoring services
  • Non-standard repair design
  • Finite element analysis
  • Material and failure analysis
  • Component reclamation design
  • Publication drafting

The above applies to your aircraft, helicopter or an aeroderivative engine from your power station or industrial application.

Performance and Reliability Programs

As part of the high standards we set, we recognise the importance of data-informed decision making. Real data tells us about how each in-service engine behaves. Specialists collect in-service engine data and compare it to our performance models. During routine inspections, they collect images and measurements and collate them with the broad range of part-usage and condition data, prior to inputting the information in our engine fleet reliability program.

Real data and expert analysis flag potential issues and allow us to correct those issues before a failure occurs. Early corrective action means you can expect reduced maintenance downtime and reduced associated costs.

Asset Management

We optimise engine lifespan through meticulously matching a variety of sub-assemblies. A specialised engine component and test equipment team ensures accurate control of engine components and associated support equipment.

Aeroderivative Engine Field Services

With decades of experience in an aviation environment where quality and safety are paramount, we now offer our engineering, reliability and availability services to the energy, maritime and government sectors.  Our focus is on asset reliability and availability, life-cycle cost reductions and optimum asset performance.

TAE Aerospace engineers are available for on-site services for aeroderivative engines including gas-path inspections, remote visual inspections, oil analysis and trending.

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