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We provide local teams with global support.

Our expert teams are in 11 locations across Asia-Pacific and North America.
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Asia-Pacific Head Office
Aerospace & Defence
Ipswich, Queensland

1 Jet Place
Bundamba QLD 4304

Asia-Pacific Head Office Aerospace & Defence Ipswich, Queensland

PO Box 120
Booval QLD 4304
P   +61 (07) 3813 6800
E   sales@taeaerospace.com

Aviation Street

TAEA Amberley, Queensland

PO Box 120
Booval QLD 4304

P   +61 (07) 3282 9911
F   +61 (07) 3282 9955
E   sales@taeaerospace.com



Defence Engines
Williamtown, New South Wales

Building 134,
Williamtown NSW 2314

P   +61 (02) 4034 6302
F   +61 (02) 4034 6313
E   sales@taeaerospace.com



Defence Customer Support
Butterworth, Malaysia

Greg Twiner
Head of Business Development – APAC

No 20, 1st Floor, Jalan Todak 2
Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang
13700 Malaysia

M   +61 414-968-456
E   greg.twiner@taeaerospace.com


Commercial Engines & Components
Adelaide, South Australia

2 Kel Barclay Avenue,
Export Park
Adelaide Airport SA 5950

TAEA Adelaide, South Australia

PO Box 185
Adelaide Airport SA 5950

P   +61 (08) 8150 0200
F   +61 (08) 8150 0270
E   sales@taeaerospace.com



Airline Wheels & Brakes
Brisbane, Queensland

Building 1,
50 Raubers Road
Banyo QLD 4014

P   +61 (07) 3813-6888
E   sales@taeaerospace.com



Fire Protection & Rescue
Melbourne, Victoria

Unit 2,
13–14 National Drive
Hallam VIC 3803

P   +61 (03) 9709 3601
F   +61 (03) 9709 3606
E   mel_sales@taeaerospace.com


Americas Head Office

Engines &
Scottsdale, Arizona

7879 E Beck Lane
Scottsdale AZ 85260

TAEA Scottsdale, Arizona

John Phoenix
North America Regional Sales Manager

P   +1 (480) 500 6677
M   +1 602-881-1600
E   john.phoenix@taeaerospace.com



Americas Sales

Mario Chavez
North America Regional Sales Manager

M   +1 706-993-0898
E   mario.chavez@taeaerospace.com


George Trevino
Latin America Regional Sales Manager

M   +1 954-673-6492
E   george.trivino@taeaerospace.com


Daniel Sigl
Business Development Manager

M   +1 937-303-3754
E   daniel.sigl@taeaerospace.com

Americas Workshops

Ag Aircraft Engines
Midvale, Idaho

2245 Airport Road
PO Box 155
Midvale ID 83645

Katie Bane
Sales and Customer Support
P   +1 (208) 229 8340
E   katie.bane@taeaerospace.com



Anchorage, Alaska

Ben Stedman
Sales and Facility Manager

M   +1 907-244-6913
E   ben.stedman@taeaerospace.com



TPE331 Fuel Controls & Components
Kansas City, Missouri

Cheryl Hawkins
Sales and Facility Manager

10737 NW Ambassador Drive
Kansas City MO 64153

P   +1 (816) 891 9093
E   cheryl.hawkins@taeaerospace.com



TPE331 Technical Training

Bob Vrabel
Training Coordinator / Primary Instructor

TPE331 Technical Training

7879 E Beck Lane
Scottsdale AZ 85260

M   +1 480-797-6665
E   bob.vrabel@taeaerospace.com

Europe and Africa

Regional Sales Manager

Tomas Benes
P   +420 725 908 515
E   Tomas.Benes@taeaerospace.com

“TAE Aerospace has set the standard for customer service, efficiency of parts supply and AOG support, constantly going above and beyond to surpass our expectations. Their knowledge, experience and expertise is second-to-none and they deliver a result on every occasion.”

Ryan Roche, General Manager Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Aus), Experience Co

 “Katie and her team in Midvale have taken excellent care of my TPE331. Having ag backgrounds themselves, they fully understand that in ag aviation, we don’t make our living sitting on the ground.”

George Parker, Crop Jet Aviation, Idaho

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