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13 February 2020

Thorough technical training can reduce your maintenance costs.

Whether you operate a single agricultural aircraft or maintain an entire fleet of TPE331-powered engines, staff training can help lower your operating costs.

Our goal is to equip customers with a skilled maintenance team. Well-trained staff members are capable of spotting and fixing problems early. They can reduce your maintenance costs and increase dispatch reliability without the need to rely heavily on external expertise. Your organisation becomes more self-reliant as your technicians develop a macro view of how an engine and its systems operate.

The full benefit of thorough training is usually realised gradually over time. Many customers, however, recognise the significant difference it can make to their operations. A well-trained technician can identify an issue — often one discussed in class — and employ a common-sense approach to troubleshooting. They start with the cheapest and easiest option and progress. When the ideal solution is found, they can quickly return the aircraft to mission-ready status, without using the more common ‘shotgun’ method of throwing parts at the problem until it’s resolved. According to experienced trainer Bob Vrabel, the expensive ‘shotgun’ approach is inevitable without adequate staff training.

Unlike other training providers, we tailor our classes to a specific engine/aircraft. This allows you to thoroughly train your technicians in the application they maintain.

If you are in the Americas, our training at our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, can cater for all your TPE331 technical training needs. If you are located elsewhere, we will bring our reputable training to you.

View our list of FAA approved engine/aircraft specific courses here, or check out our in-house course schedule below.

Our in-house courses run every quarter. The schedule for 2020 is:

  • March 23-27
  • June 8-12
  • September 14-18
  • November 2-6

Contact Bob Vrabel via email or mobile +1480-797-6665 to find out more.

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